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Published by Murrumba Downs : 18-04-2016

Benefits of Swimming Lessons

Benefits of Swimming Lessons

Our Swimming and Water Safety program provides your child with extensive water safety and health benefits. By continuing with swimming lessons over the winter months, your child will:

  • Continue to build confidence in and around water
  • Increase their water safety knowledge and skills
  • Progress their swimming ability
  • Retain their muscle memory
  • Maintain their skill base
  • Stay fit and active, and reinforce a healthy lifestyle

Children learn through repetition so having a break from swimming lessons will undo all the amazing skills they have learned. Regular and continued participation will reinforce the knowledge and swimming ability so they continue to progress and learn essential life skills. Most importantly, swimming lessons are the smartest way for you to ensure your child is safe in and around water.

If you wish to participate in Swimming & Water Safety classes over the winter months, please contact:

North Lakes Aquatic Centre
Ph 3886 2022

Lawnton Aquatic Centre
Ph 3285 1770

News Summary

Continue with Swimming & Water Safety Lessons over the Winter months. Build confidence in and around water, increase water safety knowledge and skills, and stay fit and active to reinforce a healthy lifestyle

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